Board Members

Meet the superstars of our board. 

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Tom Conran-May 

I am a great believer in the power of storytelling and its potential to inspire people, build purpose and create synergy. I thrive off human interaction and am passionate about mentoring, talent development and helping people (including myself!) to understand both their strengths and development areas and also, how they can enrich them.


I am from 'Norff' London and a massive Arsenal Fan, which is a bit of a roller coaster these days. I love a bit of history and can easily spend hours watching documentaries and reading books on the subject of History. I enjoy creative writing and aspire to write a fantasy novel, one day!


Lizzie Skillen 

I am currently a Graduate on the Charityworks Scheme and placed at Tower Hamlets Homes. I aspire to be a leader within the social/not-for-profit sector, working to reduce inequalities and inspiring positive social action.


I am excited to work alongside Start It Right, using my experience of attending and working in various youth organisations to help deliver the best outcomes for young people.

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Jordane Oso

Hi, my name is Jordane. I live in London and I work as an English teacher in a secondary school. I enjoy meeting new people, trying new exciting experiences and practicing my cooking skills!


I am looking forward to joining Start It Right and making a difference in the lives of young people in and around our community. 


Poppy Mansfield Jones

I have always cared about social issues, especially when regarding young people.


Though just eighteen years old, I have had lots of experience working in youth-led and youth-aimed initiatives. I've spent three years in the UK Youth Parliament, am currently Chair of the Kent Youth County Council and I helped co-produce a free educational summer programme in Kent.


I am extremely excited to work alongside the other Board Members of Start it Right and to help improve and create inspiring and life-enhancing opportunities for young people.

I never lose.

I either win or