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Our quick guide to Start It Right.

  • What is Start It Right?
    Start It Right CIC is a non-profit organisation aimed at bringing holiday schemes to young people ages 8-12 years old in locations across London.
  • How do I register my child/young person as a member?
    We are currently creating a geographic map of need to identify areas in London where we can base our services. You can help us by signing up to our newsletter mailing list ( you can do this by visiting our 'News' page) where we will send you a survey so you can provide us with your views. Once we have a set location we will be releasing our membership form on our website and will provide further updates on how you can book on to our holiday schemes. You can also stay informed by engaging on our social media platforms. Find us @SIRightCIC or @startitrightcic
  • How often will the holiday play scheme happen?
    Our holiday play schemes will run 10 weeks out of the 13 weeks young people are not in formal education. This includes all the half term holidays and the five weeks during the summer holidays. Please note, our holiday play schemes will take place during the weekdays excluding weekends and bank holidays. The new location: The Write Time School, Warrington Road, Croydon, Duppas Hill, CR0 4BH
  • How will you protect my child/young person during COVID-19?
    Like most organsaitions and work places, we are adapting our services in line with guidelines published by the local government and Public Health England. This includes altering our normal acitvities where possible, implementing social distancing meaures and the use of PPE (Personal Protection Equipment).
  • How can I support Start It Right?
    There are several ways that you can support Start It Right: ·Become a Member – This way you can stay up to date with all our activities and gain acess to our holiday schemes. ·Become a Volunteer – This is a great opportunity to give back to your community by helping out with events and delivery of the service. ·Become a Partner – If you run a local service and would like to support with the development of our young people (this support does not necessarily mean financial). ·Donation/Fundraising – You can support by donating or by raising money to give young people the opportunity to have the cost of their club reduced. For more information on all of these options please visit our 'Get Involved' page on our website.
  • What activities can I expect to see?
    Once Start It Right is fully operational we will offer young people a range of activities and projects to get involved with. This includes (but is not limited to): Arts and Crafts, Sports, Textiles, Board Games, Gardening and many more. Young people can also take advantage of the AQA accreditation programme where they can gain certificates for participating in a wide range of structured activities.
  • How much does it cost to attend Start It Right holiday play scheme?
    We charge £8.99 per day, this does not include food. This will exclude any additional prices for trips/outings. However, we aim to keep the prices as low as reasonably as possible. Please visit Blue Peter Badge and apply (its free) and this is where we aim to support to keep the costs low.
  • What can we expect next?
    There is lots going on behind the scenes when we launched Start It Right in early 2021. Cooking, baking, sports, board games, arts & crafts, hama beads, jewellery making, water games, group games, informal learning, and lots lots more. To stay updated on all things Start It Right please sign up to our newsletter mailing list or email:
  • Does Start It Right take young people out on trips?
    Yes, we aim to offer young people opportuntities to engage in their outdoors surroundings and actively participate in activites within their local communities and beyond. Please stay informed by registering your child as member to receive further information regarding trips and outings.
  • How do I get in contact with someone from Start It Right?
    You can always get in touch with any feedback or enquiries you may have by emailing us at:

Frequently asked questions 

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