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Job Application Privacy Policy

As part of the recruitment process we collect and process personal data relating to job applicants.


Start It Right is committed to being transparent about how we collect, process and use data and meeting our data protection obligations.


What information do we collect:


  • Personal information supplied by your CV/Cover Letter including but not limited to name, address, contact details including phone number and email address.

  • Details regarding your education history, skills and qualifications and previous job experience

  • Where you have a disability and/or medical condition that requires reasonable adjustments to be made during the recruitment process as detailed on your CV/Cover Letter

  • Information about your entitlement to work in the UK

  • Equal opportunities monitoring information such as age, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity and nationality, where this has been supplied.


Start It Right will collect this information in a variety of ways. This can include application forms, CV and Cover Letters, identification documents including passports, drivers license, and during interviews and assessments both in person, over the telephone and online. 


Start It Right will also collect personal information about you from third parties such as reference checks from previous employers, employment background check providers and criminal record checks. This information will only be sought by third parties once a job offer has been made and the successful applicant has been informed. 


Why does Start It Right need to process your personal information:


Start It Right needs to process your personal information to take the necessary steps, at your request, prior to coming into contract with you - and also entering a contract with you once a job offer has been made. It is also to ensure that we are following our legal obligations as an employer such as carrying DBS checks and checking your entitlement to work in the UK.


It is in Start it Right’s interest to process your personal information during the recruitment process and keep a record of it. It is also to help us monitor the recruitment process and review the applicant’s suitability for the job and whom to offer it to. We will also need to process personal information in case of legal disputes and claims.


Personal information regarding an application’s health will only be used to make reasonable adjustments if necessary such as a disability and /or medical condition if disclosed by the applicant during the recruitment process. This is to ensure we are carrying out our legal responsibilities regarding specific rights in relation to employment. 


Where Start It Right processes sensitive or specific data such as religion, sex, sexual orientation, this is for the purpose of montoring equal opportunities and this can information can be withdrawn by the applicant at any time. For some roles we are required to carry out background criminal background checks and this information is sought in compliance with our legal obligations regarding specific employment rights. 


If an applicant is unsuccessful, Start It Right will not necessarily keep the information on record unless otherwise requested by the applicant in case another job opportunity may arise that will be of interest to the applicant. 


Who will have access to the personal information:


An applicant’s personal information will be shared internally for the purpose of carrying out the recruitment process. This will include members from the HR and the recruitment team, interviewers carrying out the recruitment process, managers within the department where the job role is required and IT staff who may need access to personal information only if it is necessary for them to perform their role. 


We will not share your personal information with third parties unless the applicant is successful in obtaining the job role. In this case, third parties will be contacted to obtain satisfactory employment references from previous employers and background criminal checks will be undertaken via the Disclosure and Barring service.  


We will not share your personal information outside the European Economic area. 


How will my personal information be protected: 


Start It Right takes data protection very seriously and internal policies and controls have been put in place to ensure an applicant’s personal information is not lost, stolen, misused or disclosed and is only accessed by those whose job requires them to do so in order to fulfil their duties. 


An applicant’s personal information will be stored in a confidential electronic format or kept physically in a secure storage area with limited access.


How long will Start It Right keep my personal information:


If an applicant is unsuccessful, Start It Right will keep your personal information for 12 months on record after the recruitment process has been completed. If consent is provided by the applicant, Start It Right will keep your personal data for a further 12 months in case a job opportunity may arise that will be of interest to the applicant. At the end of this period, or once the applicant withdraws consent, the applicant’s personal information will be permanently deleted.


In the circumstance that the applicant is successful, personal information obtained during the recruitment process will then be transferred to your personnel profile and will be retained during your employment. After your employment period we reserve the right to hold your personal information for 5 years. 


The period in which your personal information is held as an employee will be outlined in Start It Right’s Employee Privacy Policy.


As someone who is a data subject you can exercise the following rights:


  • You can request a copy and access to your personal information

  • Can require Start It Right to change incorrect or incomplete information

  • Can require Start It Right to remove or delete personal information where it is no longer required to be processed

  • Can object to the processing of your personal information where Start It Right  relies on its legitimate interests on legal grounds to process it and or;

  • Can dispute and/or ask Start It Right to stop processing your personal information, whether or not the applicant believes their interests override that of Start it Right’s legitimate interests on legal grounds


If you would like to exercise any of the these rights please contact Alexia Lee:


If you believe Start It Right is not fulfilling its obligations in protecting  your personal information then you can make a complaint to the Information Commissioner.


What if I do not want to supply my personal information:

You are under no statutory or contractual obligation to provide information but please note, if you do not supply Start It Right with the necessary information during the recruitment process, we may not be able to process your application properly, if at all.


You are under no obligation to provide information during the equal opportunities monitoring process, nor will this affect your job application if you choose not to do so. 

Dated: 22.08.2020

Review date 22.08.2021

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