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Skydiving Challenge


Hi all,

On 8 September 2021 I will attempting one of the most exciting and nerve-wrecking things I’ve ever done.


I am doing a sponsored tandem skydiving challenge for Start it Right!


I’ll be honest - I hadn’t been expecting to take on this challenge so soon even though it has been something I’ve always aspired to do. I realise now the reason was because I hadn’t found something that had motivated me enough to want to do it until now.  


I don’t think anyone of us could have predicted the turn out for 2020.  Being made redundant from my previous role allowed me a lot of time for reflection and I knew I wanted to do something for a cause I was immensely passionate about. 

I will be jumping with North London Skydiving Centre on Wednesday 8 September 2021* (weather permitting). 


Start It Right has already been a rewarding experience despite just being in the works since May 2020. Being a co-founder of a youth organisation is an incredibly exciting prospect and I can’t wait to officially launch our services in early 2021. 


Since the epidemic young people have had to deal with even more challenges than before with many experiencing isolation and poor mental health as well as  missing out on their education. 


It is our aim to provide stimulating environment to engage young people ages 8-12 in London through informal learning and play. It is our vision to provide holiday schemes to support them in raising their aspirations and making a positive contribution within their communities.


To ensure we can expand our services to reach as many local young people as possible, I’m going to go pace to pace with gravity to ensure we can continue our youth provision post Covid-19.


Any contributions that can be offered will be hugely appreciated. I’m hoping to achieve my £1,000 target before my skydiving challenge takes place.


All donations raised will go towards the running of the organisation and will go a long way to helping us build a team of youth workers to support our young people.


Thanks to North London Skydiving for facilitating this opportunity. Be sure to check them out here


Please share with colleagues, family and friends. Any help you can give us, however big or small, will make a world of difference to us


If you would like to support us please make a donation via our GoFundMe page here. If you would like to 

get in touch just email:


Thanks so much all for your support.


Best wishes,



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