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Young People

Our members are at the heart of everything we do.

It's no surprise that we're dedicated to championing the causes of young people and with our members we hope to provide them an effective platform to showcase their skills, talents and ambitions.


Our projects have been specifically designed to embody a holistic centric approach - this is to ensure our universal youth provisions meet the needs of all our members and allow them to embrace their full potential.


Young people are facing many pressures earlier in life with fewer of them being able to reach out to adults they can trust or have positive role models to engage with. 

We believe in the utmost importance of young people being able to achieve a greater sense of purpose outside of school attainment in order to develop their strengths and attributes. 

This is why we are passionate about delivering our holiday schemes when schools are closed.


We want our young people to be able to explore and develop their identities outside of the classroom by culturally and socially engaging them within their local communities. 


Our programme of activities are equipped to helping our members develop a range of transferrable skills and build positive relationships with their peers.

They are built upon the foundations of our five youth-led strategic goals which will be implemented through a mixture of informal learning and play.


Our 5 Youth Led Strategic Goals:

Using the Helping Children Achieve More (previously known as EMC's) outcomes, we will support our young people to:

 Be Healthy

Make a Positive


 Be Safe

Enjoy and Achieve 


Economic Wellbeing

Our Themes:

Our holiday scheme programmes will be focused on delivering activities based on the following themes:





Wider Community

Informal Learning



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