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Who We Are

Welcome to Start It Right!


Start It Right is a newly formed community interest company established in 2020 with a vision to create stimulating environments to engage young people through informal learning and play.

We will be launching our services officially in early 2021.


Location and date TBC. 

Our holiday schemes will take place on weekdays during the school holidays and will be open to young people ages 8-12.

Our specific youth projects will be aimed for young people ages 8 upwards (dates will vary depending on project type) and will run throughout the year. 

We believe young people need and deserve support all year round.

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London's youth population is one of the most diverse in the world and is growing at a vast and unprecedented rate. 

Unfortunately, however, many young people in the capital face challenges such as child poverty, mental health and obesity and often feel excluded from the communities in which they live.


Young people are experiencing many changes during these uncertain times and need to have their voices heard if we are to adapt the world around us in order to meet their needs. 


Our focus is on reaching young people across various local communities in London who are just beginning to integrate in to society and develop their social, ethical and critical skills.

We are determined that the earlier young people have access to a solid network of support - whether that be in school or youth provisions - the likelier they are to transition into happy and healthy adults with affirmative goals and aspirations.


Our affordable holiday schemes will give young people access to youth provisions where they can take part in a programme of activities that will help build their confidence and self esteem.


Our team of professional youth workers and volunteers will work directly with our members to give hands on support to enable them to learn, have fun and socialise - safely and positively. 

We can't wait for you to join us on our journey!

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Start It Right is all about bringing young people together, regardless of their background and abilities, and providing them opportunities to explore how to be the best versions of themselves.




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